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10 Tips for Creating An Effective Name Badge

Name badges, or identity cards, are such a brilliant means of increasing the security and overall organisation of any company environment. Implementing expertly designed and fully functional identity cards into your daily business operations will boost your company and add an air of comfort to your professional atmosphere. That being said, great name badge design does not happen by accent. There are a few tips and tricks to try that will ensure professionally designed ID cards are in circulation amongst your staff or patrons quickly and successfully. Here are ten tips for creating an effective name badge…


Less is more


First things first, it’s important to maintain a minimalist mindset whilst you’re designing any form of name badge, access card or ID. Less is always going to be more, no matter what card you’re designing or what environment you’re creating it for.


Keep it simple


Simple, bold design wins every time, particularly when you’re trying to produce something as functional as an identity card. Smart designers understand the power of negative space and basic yet highly digestible details. Prioritise these elements and you’ll find that you’ll have great looking and effective cards on your hands quickly and painlessly.


Make them readable


If you’re sticking to simplicity and maintaining that less is more mindset then this one should come relatively naturally. No matter what technology it is that you’re using in your security system, the text and vital details on your name badges still need to be readable to the human eye. Test out your designs on a few different people around your office to ensure that they are accessible for everyone.


Prioritise quality pictures


Nothing brings down a design like a smudgy, pixelated or poorly positioned photograph. Make sure that the lighting, clarity, contrast and colour saturation of every single ID photo is up to scratch to ensure that your badges look great and do their job.


Choose your technology wisely


You have a myriad of options when it comes to selecting the right card technology of your name badges. This can be as simple or as complex as you like. The decision is going to be relevant to your design choices as you might have to prioritise the presence of holographics, bar code, magnetic stripes and other elements. Work with your card technology, not in spite of it.


Do not overcomplicate your design


Even the simplest of designs can become over complicated without an attentive sleight of hand. Continue to ask yourself questions such as, is this an essential element? Will the addition of another colour complicate the look and function of my card? Is this the most operational choice? Checking in prohibits over complication every step of the way.


Proofread properly


No one wants to see a spelling error on company ID cards. Proof read them properly and call in extra forces for a set of fresh eyes, it is not always easy to find your own mistakes.


Select durable materials


The more durable your materials, the more long-lasting and therefore worthwhile your investment. Your name badges will be tapped, held, swiped and used every single working day, so they need to be made out of the tough stuff.


Use your design team


In order to create name badges that shine, you might want to recruit your in office design resources or an external company. Not everyone is blessed with professional design chops, so asking for a little extra help is nothing to be sniffed at.


Enhance with your accessories!

Lastly, remember that your ID card accessories can pack a punch in the design department, too! Choosing customised or colourful accessories will help to increase the look, durability and function of your investment in ID card badges.