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5 Best ID Card Holders for Different ID Cards

An attentive security and identification system enables a building or workplace to remain organised, functional and most importantly, safe. An ID card is going to let your security system or staff know whos-who and where they can or can’t go within the premises, but what if you could take it one step further? With the right accessories, your ID system can go from good to iron-clad, very quickly. ID badge holders are a small investment that gives a huge return. Here are the best ID cardholder options and why:

Badge Reels

Retractable badge reels are a fantastic way to streamline the access or security system at any business. These enable staff members to extend their ID to a reader or scanner, or alternately to display it to a security staff member. A reel attaches to the workwear of everyone in the company, meaning they can stay on display all day if needs be. You can customise the reel’s ribbon for a little free marketing as well! A badge reel is the best retractable ID badge holder out there, it saves time for whatever type of security system a company may have! These are also a perfect option for bustling hospitals or healthcare centres, as they are the fastest and easiest way to scan in and out of a building.

badge reels


A flexible ID badge holder is a great way to display IDs at the workplace. These are transparent and soft, meaning that cards can easily slip in and out of the holder when needed. A Flexi-holder will seamlessly attach to any kind of workwear with a simple pin or lapel keeping it fastened in place. If you prefer your IDs to be carried by hand and given over to security staff at a desk or doorway, then the flexible sleeve is the best ID badge holder option for you. It will keep ID and access cards clean, safe and functional, at a minimal cost.

flexi holders


Holders that can keep multiple cards at once are perfect for buildings that require two or more access or identification cards to pass through. This really keeps on top of the comings and goings of a workplace, so a multi-holder is perfect for high-security environments. Display two cards at once in a rigid case that’s solid and durable. This is the best ID cardholder size for large corporations that have different access policies for different floors, they’ll make that sophisticated, complex security simple for your workers!


A lanyard is a great way to display ID cards or membership badges, as they make your staff members immediately recognisable. Consider investing in a lanyard if you need a low cost, high-quality security solution that will help to visually organise your security system. These can be branded with your company’s logo or brand colours to really flaunt your workplace.

Another viable option to consider is a ready-printed lanyard. These can come with different positions or names stamped on them to make your company even more organised. Why not consider having different “Staff”, “Security” and “Visitor” labels? These are incredibly useful for optimum efficiency, all day, every day.



A lapel, clip or pin is the most simplistic security solution out there. They enable staff members to clip their identity badges to their outerwear, it’ll stay there all day and communicate who everyone is an easy and seamless fashion. These are a really good option for workplaces where a lot of physical movement or labour is underway, a well-made clip will ensure that an identity card isn’t going anywhere.

Be sure to consider your unique requirements and security system to select the right ID card holder for you and your business! Head to Identity People to discover a world of security solutions that are sure to be the exact right fit.