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Sigma DS1

Entrust Sigma DS1 - Entry Level Direct-To-Card Printer

The Sigma DS1 is a user-friendly direct-to-card printer that meets the needs of the moment and provides a simple, smart and secure card issuance solution. The Entrust DS1 is designed specifically for the quick-and-easy printing of single-sided ID cards.
With the DS1, your organisation can create both physical ID cards and mobile flash passes at the same time.
From a multifunction dashboard that is accessed via mobile device, to printing directly from the cloud, the process of issuing secure ID cards with the Sigma DS1 is intuitive and highly convenient.

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Entrust DS1 Card Printer

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Entrust Sigma DS1 Direct-To-Card Printer Features

The Entrust Sigma DS1 Direct-To-Card Printer is impressively user-friendly for a card issuance solution that comes standard with sophisticated functionality and advanced security features. Reduced operational complexity and an intuitive printer dashboard guarantee ease of operation. End-to-end encryption ensures peace of mind. Other top features are:

  • Operates from mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Prints from the cloud or on site
  • Anti-tampering and card counterfeiting protection
  • Prints up to 175 colour cards per hour
  • Issues both physical and digital ID passes at the same time
Sigma DS1 Printer Brochure

Security is a top feature across the whole range. The DS1 printer comes standard with intruder-proof encryption technology, Trusted Platform Module, and Secure Boot.

End-to-end encryption means that customer data is protected from malware and viruses. The printer does not store customer data.

The Luster printing process adds a personalized translucent watermark to the cards, making them safe from tampering and counterfeiting.

The only limitations of this model – and these should not be considered shortcomings if in the market for a dependable, entry-level, single-sided, direct-to-card printer – are the speed of printing and the additional security options exclusive to products up the line. This said, the DS1 direct-to-card printer is scalable should additional features be required, such as magnetic stripe encoding and smart card encoding.

The Entrust Sigma DS1 is an ideal direct-to-card printer for creating secure ID cards with limited cardholder information.