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Making Protection Personal: The Top Five Reasons to Customise Your ID Products

Custom ID card accessories are one of the most simple yet effective switches you can make for creating a safer, more professional environment. No matter what your business’ daily operations might entail, security has to be a top priority in order for your company to run smoothly and successfully. Here are the top five reasons to upgrade your ID card accessories to custom styles…

Community Outreach

Connecting with your community is essential, no matter where your business might be situated. Your custom accessories will help you to achieve valuable reach within your local area. This free local grade advertising can project the worth of your business into your community and encourage higher levels of overall engagement.

Heightened Security Standards

This is one of the most obvious reasons why customising id accessories is essential. Heightened security standards will always be a positive in any professional environment, this is only becoming more and more true. In order to elevate the security standards in your workplace beyond your already fantastic ID printer and card system, you need customised accessories. These add an extra tailored measure onto every aspect of your investment in your safety. Accessories that have been customised with your company colours, logo or specific role titles really help to establish visual security, helping you to immediately recognise those who have (and are meant to have) access to your company doors. This makes it that extra bit harder to breach your system, establishing a more secure and comfortable space for your patrons and staff.

Perfected Professionalism

Maintaining a professional air is so vital in our flexible modern working world. Although contemporary offices are doubtlessly more casual than ever, that doesn’t mean that all forms of unification or team identity need to go out of the window. Enter custom ID accessories, the perfect solution to creating a professional, tied together look without infringing on the comfort of your staff or your office dress code. Custom lanyards will tie you team together creating a cohesive and dressed up edge whilst still maintaining the benefit of casual or flexible dress. This comes in very handy during meetings or outings. The subliminal value of your professional standards is increased to no end!

New Opportunities

Attracting new business, connections and even talent resides in presenting a professional, approachable, positive and memorable image to your industry. Custom ID card accessories can help to maximise all manner of new opportunities, including but not limited to…


Prospective Talent: Recruiting talent can be tricky. When opportunities arise, displaying a strong and welcoming company culture is a must for attracting the right kind of employees. Custom card accessories can help to establish the unity that drives your company forward. 


Networking Events: Showing off who you are and what you do is essential for making meaningful connections at networking events. Custom accessories will put you front and centre in the minds of potential new contacts. You can even use them as a twist on the traditional business card to make yourself all the more memorable. 


New Business Ventures: Fortifying the value that your company can bring to potential clients or new business ventures is the foundation of expanding your company. Custom accessories again send that subliminal message of unity, worth and cohesion, all core elements of a healthy, well functioning business. 

Detailed Branding

Last but by no means, branding. Branding needs to happen from the ground up, and this means that your image needs to touch even the finest details of your business operations in order to be truly impactful. Extending your branding to your ID card accessories is the perfect way of strengthening and enhancing the image that you’ve already worked hard to cultivate, this can be done through images, graphics, logos or even just company colours, whatever suits your business best!


These are just a few of the ways in which customised ID card accessories can help to transform your business, for the better.