Secure ID Cards

Secure ID Cards

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Why is it Important to have Secure ID Cards?

It’s estimated that over 90% of ID card inspections are undertaken visually in the field. Visual inspections or checks are most often the primary and definitely the first investigation and validation of an ID document.

Decisions to validate or perform a secondary inspection are typically based on the outcome of the visual document check. It is for this very reason that good ID card design and choosing the right ID card printers and printing solution is vital.

Correct card stock, design, visual security elements and card technologies are crucial when creating a visually secure ID card.

Visual inspections of secure ID cards and other documents are not going to go away. The speed, cost-effectiveness and convenience allow anyone to perform a validation or check on an ID without costly equipment or infrastructure. These cards and credentials must be clearly authentic, and genuine. A well-designed, visually secure ID solution cannot be overstated. 

Different Types of Security for ID Cards

The most popular visual security elements include Holographic Overlaminates and pre-printed security elements on the base card stock. Holographic Overlaminates can include Overt, Covert and Forensic card security features. Pre-printed card stocks can include special inks, laser images, optical variable ink and UV markings. There are dozens of combinations when it comes to visual security elements to provide a truly secure ID card.

Many of today’s secure ID card solutions are one size fits all. Meaning they security protections are the same on every card or document. Additional levels of security can be gained by including personalised security elements at the time of card printing. These personalised elements can link in with the holographic overlays or pre-printed card stock and are unique to each card. These include elements such as micro text and UV printing.

ID Card Security
Laser and Mico Print Security Features
HoloMark ID Card Security Feature
HoloMark Card Stock Security Feature

As with all other forms of security, visual ID card security solutions take time to develop, implement and train staff on how to accurately inspect the cards for authenticity. Good visual security is the first line of defence against physical security breaches.