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Where Can I Get ID Cards Printed? In-House vs Outsource

Identity cards are undoubtedly the best way to enhance your workplace’s security. Whether you need an entirely new identification, access or security system implemented at your company, or you’re simply in need of a few new identity cards for staff members, it’s worthwhile considering your options for getting them printed. Your choices are, investing in an ID security card printer to have in the house, or find a security specialist who can provide high quality printed cards at competitive prices. Read on to discover the benefits and downfalls of both options:

Printing your own ID cards

Investing in a printer is a fantastic, positive way to increase the efficiency and functionality of your security system and your workplace. Here’s why:

Changing Staff

For new staff members, altering access policies or a system that is often reinvented, a printer is a bit of must-have. It enables quick, easy card production to be done in just a few hours! You can also print your own test cards, to review the design, photo quality and identity details of the holder.

Misplaced Cards

Cards are often misplaced or accidentally damaged by staff, which means that new ones need to be readily available. You could opt for a temporary card, but this does pose some risk to your company and your security system.


With a printer on hand, you can say goodbye to delivery and service fees. This one-time, big investment is going to save you money way down the line. The best ID card printing machine will last for years and years, and a quality provider will often provide support and services in the future.

Endless Potential

A huge benefit of a printer is that you get to make your own ID card. This is especially beneficial for a company that has a design team, you can put together something that’s truly unique to your business. A printer also enables you to segment your system even further, opt for colour coded ID cards for different office departments or adjust designs according to seniority. The possibilities really are endless when an office ID card design and an ID card printer come together!

Quick Results

Are you thinking, this all sounds great, but how do ID card printers work? They operate just like a desktop printer. You simply feed a card through, print the desired design from your desktop and there you have it, a fresh new ID. The speed with which you get all kinds of access, security, membership and ID cards is unrivalled! You have to wait for communication with a vendor, turn around, printing and delivery all before you even physically see a card that is printed by a company! The best printer for printing on the card will be one that matches the demands of your business, if you’re a smaller operation the DTC1250e – Entry Level ID Card Printer from Identity People will suit you best.

DTC1250e - Entry Level ID Card Printer

This gives you excellent value for money! Perhaps you’re looking for a printer that’s going to service a much larger business? DTC4500e – Enterprise Level ID Card Printer will do the trick.

DTC4500e - Enterprise Level ID Card Printe

This model is incredibly varied, with lamination, holograms, and RFID all available, you can print your ID, smart cards and access cards in minutes!

Having your ID cards printed for you

If you’re a very small company, 50 staff members or under per se, then a printer won’t be cost-effective for you. Having your cards printed by a security solutions provider will be best for your operation, particularly if you have a close-knit, permanent team. You will avoid pouring unnecessary hours, funds and resources into training, using your printer, and the actual machine itself.

Where can I get my cards printed? Find a provider that really pays attention to your business and your needs, regardless of the size. Identity People has specialists ready to help, who are dedicated, sincere and concerned about delivering proper service.

plastic cards

The plus side of having your ID cards printed is that you can opt for high-quality options that you might not be able to undergo yourself. This includes printing on MIFARE or other RFID cards. Sometimes, printing on this type of proximity card can minimise the quality of the image. By having them printed, you can get your IDs printed onto a clear film that is then hot rolled onto the smart card, causing no damage to the encryption or chip, and leaving your design crystal clear! A specialist team will be able to work with you to create a perfect design and will give you support down the line.

When deciding whether you should invest in a printer, or get your ID cards printed for you, be sure to factor in the size of your business, your staff turn around and your team’s design capabilities. By contemplating your unique needs, you’ll make the right choice for you and your business.