ID Card Supplies - Card Holders & Lanyards

Identity People Australia offer a wide range of high quality ID Supplies and Card Accessories.

Every business has a different requirement for how their ID cards need to be displayed. Often the main requirement is so the ID card is easily identifiable by staff and visitors alike.
Many businesses use it as an opportunity to extend brand identity by using a custom lanyard or custom badge reel.

We provide a wide range of options; ID card holders, lanyards, retractable reels, clips and lapels. Made from high quality materials, readily available and competitive prices – find out what makes us different to your existing supplier.

Staff with photo ID Cards and Holders

A Full Range of Customisable ID Supplies & Accessories are Available

While our high quality off the shelf supplies including; ID Card Holders, Clips and ID Lanyards are perfect for many organisations. We know that there is not always a one size fits all scenario. A large number of our customers use customised lanyards, badge reels with logos and different ID Card Holders than what we typically have on display. 

You will find Identity People to be extremely knowledgeable when it comes to custom ID accessories and ID supplies. Get in touch with us today and let us help you Identify Your People.

ID Card Reels

Commonly referred to as ‘Zingers’, Retractable card reels are a very popular method of displaying an ID and Access card. Available in different colours, and styles our retractable card reels can also be customised to add your companies’ logo

Flexible Card Holders

ID card holders come in a variety of different materials and design. Some of our most popular are the clear soft card holders. Available in portrait or landscape, Economical and Durable versions also available.

Rigid ID Card Holder

Many of our customers like to have their ID cards displayed/ framed by a more rigid card holder. Being very durable these card holders are single or dual sided – They are switchable so the one holder can display a card as either portrait or landscape.

Lapel Clips and Pins

Lapel clips are a way to display an ID card on a jacket or shirt so it is clearly displayed and doesn’t involve a lanyard or card reel. Low cost and effective our lapel clips are available with and without pins.

Stock Printed Lanyards

Printed Lanyards off the shelf ready to order. Our range of printed lanyards enables easy identification of Staff, Security, Visitors and Contractors. A high quality woven lanyard, colour coded with clear identifyable text

Visitor Lanyards

Security Lanyards

Contractor Lanyards

Staff Lanyards

Plain Stock Lanyards

Off the shelf stock lanyards – Available on fast turn around times, low cost and effective for holding employee ID badges and security ID cards. Pack sizes of 100 lanyards per pack. 

Staff ID Card Holder

Black Standard Lanyard Swivel Clip

Black Lanyard for Staff Security ID

Black Standard Lanyard Alligator Clip

Eco Friendly Lanyards for Staff ID

ECO Friendly Bamboo Lanyards

Premium weave lanyard image

Premium Plain Colour Lanyards