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Entrust Sigma Printers

Entrust Direct-To-Card Printers Entrust manufactures direct-to-card printers that deliver on 3 key promises: Simple. Secure. Smart.

Smart security comes standard with every Entrust direct-to-card ID printer. As technology evolves, security risks multiply. Entrust has made it their business to meet these challenges head-on through innovation and patented solutions.
Entrust’s ID card printers are user-friendly, with complex functionality directed through simple and intuitive dashboards accessed by mobile device. This allows for seamless management, whether it is printing directly from the cloud, ordering printer supplies, updating firmware or accessing support.
A range of printers ensures that organisations do not pay for functionality they do not need. That said, customers are afforded space to scale, with optional add-ons as the need arises.

Entrust DS1 Card Printer

Entrust Sigma DS1 - Entry Level Printer

Sigma DS1 is designed specifically for the quick-and-easy printing of single-sided secure ID cards.

The Entrust Sigma DS1 Direct-To-Card Printer is impressively user-friendly for a card issuance solution that comes standard with sophisticated functionality and advanced security features. Reduced operational complexity and an intuitive printer dashboard guarantee ease of operation.

Entrust DS2 Card Printer

Entrust Sigma DS2 - Mid Level Printer

The Entrust Sigma DS2 direct-to-card printer comes standard with the Sigma-D range’s innovative simple-secure-smart features .

The DS2 goes a few steps further than the DS1 offering both options of single-sided and dual-sided ID card printing, speedier printing capacity and a longer warranty.

Entrust Sigma DS3 Printer

Entrust Sigma DS3 - Professional Level Printer

The DS3 direct-to-card printer is the superior of the Sigma DS-series from Entrust, offering attractive benefits to the enterprise client.

The DS3 has high volume, single and dual-sided printing options along with add-on options of, WIFI, smart card encoding, lamination and tactile impression.


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Some of the biggest companies in the world, from Microsoft to Mastercard, trust Entrust’s products and services to protect their organisations and their customers. This same level of reliability is found in the Entrust range of secure, high-speed identity card printers.

An extended footprint means that support is available globally. Comprehensive resources are provided. These include user guides, tutorials, and FAQs. This is in addition to the expert guidance and support provided by Identity People Australia’s team of specialists.