Choosing the Best ID Card Printing Software -
There’s an abundance of choice and options out there for someone looking to print their own ID cards in-house. Here’s how to choose the best ID card maker software for you and your business: Different Types of Software Design Only: This software will let you design your cards in a simple and easy fashion. With entry-level programs, you, unfortunately, don’t
Help in choosing the very best software for printing security ID cards
When it comes to printing your own plastic identity, security or access cards in-house, you can easily use simple, ready loaded computer systems such as Word, Excel, Indesign or Photoshop. Although these can be useful for mocking up your initial design ideas, they won’t be the most time effective or functional programs to actually print your high-quality designs onto your
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An attentive security and identification system enables a building or workplace to remain organised, functional and most importantly, safe. An ID card is going to let your security system or staff know whos-who and where they can or can’t go within the premises, but what if you could take it one step further? With the right accessories, your ID system
How to decide on printing ID cards in-house or outsourcing your ID card printing
Printing your own ID cards is a great way to enhance your business. You can enjoy unique designs, quick turnaround, and cost-effective printing for a long time to come, all with a one-time investment. If you’re considering running an in-house ID card printing operation, and you’re not quite sure what you’ll need or where to start, here’s what you need
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Identity cards are undoubtedly the best way to enhance your workplace’s security. Whether you need an entirely new identification, access or security system implemented at your company, or you’re simply in need of a few new identity cards for staff members, it’s worthwhile considering your options for getting them printed. Your choices are, investing in an ID security card printer
HID access control proximity and RFID cards
Proximity cards came about as a more convenient and more secure replacement to magnetic swipe cards for electronic access control. HID Proximity cards provided a more secure access solution and a more convenient user experience. Contactless Proximity Technology How do these cards prox work? Basically, the card is a low-power radio transmitter which sends a code to the reader. The