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Zebra ZC300 Card Printer

The Zebra ZC300 Card Printer: Exceptional performance in a small compact footprint.

A powerful and feature rich card printer, the Zebra ZC300 offers an intuitive user interface, small compact footprint to fit on all desk spaces and provides an arrange of upgrade options. The Zebra ZC300 card printer is available in single and double sided printing configurations.

  • Single-sided or dual-sided Printing Options
  • Full-color, single-sided cards in just 18 seconds
  • Extremely User Friendly Graphical Display

A variety of ribbon options ensure that you can get the best cost per card, and most impressive look out of your new Zebra ZC Series printer.

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The Zebra ZC300 ID Card Printer: High Quality Card Printing, User Friendly Features and a Small Compact Design.

The Zebra ZC300 offers an array of features with user friendliness in mind

LCD Display:

The Large LCD display provide users with immediate information on their printer. Text, icons and animations are used to show users clear messages and status updates. Unsure how to change the ribbon, the LED display will show you how.

True Plug & Play

Designed to be incredibly user-friendly the Zebra ZC300 works straight out of the box. The printer driver offers as an excellent graphic interface to ensure all users can navigate and setup the printers internal settings exactly as they need.

With USB & Ethernet as standard, and an optional wifi upgrade – the ZC300 can be connected and configured to any office environment.

Switching Plastic Card Types?

If like many customers you occasionally switch from standard credit card thickness to a thinner adhesive backed card, the ZC300 card printer has your back. No longer do you need to change thickness guides or gauges. The Zebra ZC300 does it automatically.

Same Side Input and Output Hoppers

Loading the cards and collecting printed cards from the front means users no longer have to reach over behind a printer to load new card stock. This design feature also ensures that the new ZC series of printer from Zebra can fit onto event the smallest of office and membership desks.

ZC300 Product Brochure

ZC300 Printer Touch Screen