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Need Membership Cards or a Printer?

Membership Card Printers & Plastic Membership Cards

Membership cards are issued by clubs to easily identify that the person walking through their door as a signed-up member. They also allow for the use of loyalty systems, member discounts and gaming rewards. Photo ID ensures that the membership cards aren’t handed off to other patrons or guests or used by non members for entry to the club.

We supply a variety of products and systems to add in to the overall membership eco system. Allowing clubs to easily identify and reward their members.

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Membership Card Printer

Every membership card printer and application is different. Some clubs purely need a small printer for low volume instant printing of cards, others require more heavy lifting. That’s why we offer a range of membership card printers. From low cost, low volume membership card printer’s to highly reliable high volume membership card printers with low printing costs.

Our printer systems are optimised for ease of use, low cost printing ribbons and fast issuance of personalised cards. Recommending and supplying the best available membership card printer for our customers specific needs is what we do best.

Membership Card Printers

Plastic PVC Membership Cards

We supply clubs and associations with high quality PVC membership cards. Cards with and without magnetic stripe and signature panel options, optimised for all club systems.

Produced to the highest standards our cards will help identify your members, and promote your brand. Our PVC printed membership cards are the perfect combination of quality and price.

We know that not all of our customers have access to graphic designers to produce print ready artwork. We work with our customers to ensure artwork is approved and a high enough quality to get a great result.

The quality of your plastic membership cards is a reflection on your business, and a reflection on our business as a supplier. We take great pride in our customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers relating to our membership card printers and plastic membership cards.

Are your printers compatible with our membership software?

Our membership card printing machines are compatible with most popular brands of gaming and membership software packages. Including, but not limited to:

Independent Gaming
King St

Can your printers print both black and colour?

We have a low cost printer designed specifically for printing black text onto a pre-printed membership card. But this is just one model, all of our other models print in both black and in colour.

This allows our customers flexibility and choice of if they want to print member photos onto the cards or just names and number.

Will my membership card printer require servicing?

Membership card printers do require some periodic maintenance. Usually the regular use of a cleaning kit is enough to keep the printer operating hassle free.

Larger volume sites may benefit from a regular preventative maintenance on their printers.

Is there a minimum order on membership cards?

Due to the way our cards are manufactured using high quality offset presses. There is a setup component. While this setup is not charged, it does mean that there is a minimum order quantity of 500 cards.

Can I have magnetic stripes and signature panel on my membership cards?

Yes. Magnetic stripe and signature panels are extremely common. Our plastic membership cards can include these as options.

What if I don't have artwork?

Not all customers have access to a graphic designer. We can assist with putting together artwork for your cards.

You will then be provided with a proof sheet for sign off prior to cards being produced.

If i have multiple card designs are these separate orders?

We handle multiple designs of cards as a single order and quote. You will however be provided a proof for each individual card design.

By grouping or ‘ganging’ multiple card jobs together you can get a discount based on a higher number of cards being made.


Membership Printer Ribbons

We supply a wide range of genuine printer ribbons to suit nearly all brands of membership card printer. If you’re looking to ensure your club is getting the best deal – Contact us today.

We can provide bulk buy discounts on nearly all brands of membership card printer ribbons.


Membership Cards & Transfer Cards

High quality Membership cards and gaming transfer cards go hand in hand with what we do. We offer very competitive prices, good turn around times and can even help with design of your membership cards if needed. We will ensure your cards with with your printer.


Card Printers for Membership Systems

Our wide range of card printers will ensure we can offer the best equipment for your club. Make sure your membership cards are quickly and in the most economical way with our specialist membership card printers.