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Fargo DTC1500

Fargo DTC1500 Plastic ID Card Printer

The Fargo DTC1500 ID card printer is a powerful mid-level direct to card printer for secure, low cost, photo ID card production.

Featuring High Yield Printer Ribbons, a low cost per print and a compact footprint. The DTC1500 from HID Fargo is the perfect choice for businesses wanting cost effective, out of the box security.

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Take your ID card creation to a new level with the Fargo DTC1500 desktop card printer.

Fargo DTC1500 Printer Features

The FARGO DTC1500 Card Printer has been designed for organisations looking to print high volumes of cards, where cost per print and security is important. The DTC1500 boasts an impressive set of features:

  • High Capacity Print Ribbons
  • Low Cost Per Print
  • Fast Printing Speeds
  • Watermark Security Feature
  • USB & Ethernet Connectivity
DTC1500 Printer Brochure

The HID FARGO DTC1500 card printer/encoder offers the convenience of high capacity ribbons and the economy of low printing cost. Featuring a comprehensive set of features that enable businesses to routinely issue high secure ID cards and at a fraction of the cost of other competing solutions.

The FARGO DTC1500 Card Printer has been designed for organisations looking to print high volumes of cards, where cost per print and security is important. Optimal for government ID projects, universities and high schools, Hospitals, and registered clubs. The DTC1500 boasts distinctive security features which are ideal for these organizations. Features including built-in custom watermark overlay.

HID Fargo’s DTC1500 also comes equipped with a unique resin scramble data protection feature – this renders the used panels unreadable. Standard password protection and AES 256 data encryption provides customers with additional peace of mind.

Further to the robust security features, the DTC1500 from HID Global offers new innovative printing inclusions such as a resin threshold setting for darker, crisper text and barcode.

Upgrade is easy with the new built-in double-sided printing can be activated with the simple use of HID’s new RFID tag. This make after-purchase upgrades virtually effortless!

With a modular, scalable design – optional modules for lamination and card encoding can be added at any time in the printer’s life.

Security, lower cost, innovation, and versatility – it all comes standard with the DTC1500.

Frequently Asked Questions about the DTC1500

Below are some of the more common questions we get from customers looking at buying the FARGO DTC1500 printer. If you have any additional queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Can the DTC1500 be upgraded from Single Sided to Double Sided

YES! One of the great features of the Fargo DTC1500 from HID is it's ability to be field upgradeable by the user.
Simply purchase an RFID unlock card from Identity People Australia, and you can turn your single sided printer into a dual sided printer in 30 seconds.

What printer ribbons do I need to order with the printer?

The Genuine Fargo printer ribbons needed for the DTC1500 is:
Single sided colour or double sided colour both sides
- 45610: YMCKO Colour Ribbon - 500 Images
Colour on front and black on back (only for the double sided printer model)
- 45611: YMCKOK Colour Ribbon - 500 Images
Monochrome printer ribbons for both single side and dual side models
- 45616: Black resin monochrome printer ribbon - 3,000 Images

How many cards per year can the DTC1250e print?

The Fargo DTC1500 is pitched as an entry-Mid level printer, the printer chassis and design is the same as the high end DTC4500e. This means the DTC1500 is actually capable of printing very high volumes of cards up to 100,000 cards per year.

How often does this printer need servicing?

Servicing and maintenance requirements of the DTC1500 vary depending on the environmental conditions the printer is kept in. If kept in a clean office environment, the standard internal print counter of a cleaning card every 2,000 prints is usually all that is required.
We do see some higher volume sites, and construction/mining sites will require more regular cleaning is needed.

Is software provided free with the printer?

Every card printer application is quite different. Most of our customers end up printing directly from security software applications and do not need additional card design software.
Our ID card software is an add on option, although we can bundle some free software with the printer to help customers keep costs down.