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Security ID Card Solutions

- Identify who is who and ensure ID cards are secure and authentic.
- We offer a range of off the shelf and custom ID card security printers and features.

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Many organizations want to ensure that their ID cards cannot be easily reproduced by anybody with access to even a basic ID card printer. Identity People offer a wide range of secure ID card solutions. We can help ensure that your ID cards not only look great but are genuinely difficult to reproduce.

Secure elements on an ID card can be added to the core card stock, added in the print at time of personalisation or added to the card over the top of the printing by way of lamination or hot stamping. Our security ID card solutions can include: Overt, Covert and Forensic features.

Not all card security requirements are the same. Allow us to work with you and our partners to compile the perfect mix of security, durability and value for money on your ID cards.

Security Card Printers

Security Card Printers

The production of a secure ID card starts with the personalization. Ensuring that once a card is issued the information on that card cannot be altered. We have a number of ID card printers that can incorporate additional security at the time of printing.

Additonal options and modules to ensure your cards not only look great but are difficult to reproduce include:

  • Lamination Modules with Custom Holograms
  • Fluorescent UV Ink and Film
  • Laser Engraving
Security Laminates and Foils

Security Laminates and Foils

Adding a secure laminate over the top of the card not only lengthens the life of the card, but by adding a custom hologram you are making counterfeit of your cards extremely difficult. With a locked and secure supply chain, and high secure elements within the custom laminate you can be confident in the security of your ID.

For more information on the secure lamination and foil options available, please get in touch with one of our experts today. We can ensure that your security ID cards are protected against counterfeit.

Secure ID Card Elements

Secure ID Card Elements

Adding a security feature to your card base stock is another way to secure your ID card. There are a range of stock and custom HoloMark and UV card options to add yet another layer of security to your staff ID cards.

Security Foils, Patches and HoloMark are available as off the shelf products and highly secure customisable solutions.

We will work with your business to ensure the best solutions are chosen to meet your security card needs.