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Matica Card Printers

Matica Card Printers lead the Industry in High Quality Photo ID Card Printers. Matica (Formerly Edisecure) have been at the forefront of ReTransfer printing technology for over a decade.

Matica Card Printers are responsible for manufacturing some of the highest quality and most reliable Plastic Card Printers available in the Industry.

The Matica XID card printers printers produce extremely high quality, durable plastic ID cards. Featuring true ‘Edgeless’ printing, you won’t experience white lines or edges on your ID cards. Customers will find the colour printed from the Matica printers will be more vibrant and clear than other desktop printers on the market.

ReTransfer card printers from Matica are most commonly found in Industries and environments where quality, durability and reliability are essential, such as:

  • Ports and Airports
  • Governments
  • Hospitals
  • Education
  • Construction & Training


Matica XID8100 Card Printer - Entry Level Retransfer Printing Technology

The Entry point into the ReTransfer card printing market. Matica’s XID8100 printer offers a cost effective solution for customers  who are wanting high quality ID cards. Utilising the proven reliability of the Matica XID printer chassis the XID8100 doesn’t sacrifice on quality or reliability.

While not as fast as the XID8300 or XID8600 – The Matica XID8100 card printer delivers the same impressive print quality.


Matica XIC8300 Printer - Offering all the benefits of Matica's Leading Card Printer Technology

The original XID8xxx Series Retransfer card printer. Proven to be as reliable if not more so than any other card printer on the market. The XID8300 has a wide range of upgrade modules available, making it an exceptionally versatile Matica card printer. Suitable for many industries and applications.

Upgrade options for the Matica XID8300 include: Dual sided upgrade option, Magnetic stripe and smart card encoders. Customers can add ILM Laminators to increase security and durability.


Matica XID8600 Card Printer - Taking ReTransfer Card Printing to the Next Level with 600DPI Print Head

Featuring an amazing 600DPI printing engine, the XID8600 provides amazingly high quality prints, vibrant colours and sharp text. Offering high speed printing and add on options. The XID8600 Printer allows other ReTransfer card printers to be added into a print group. Making this is the perfect printer for high volume card printing environments.

Capable of double sided card printing by default you can add a range of Security and card encoding options to the Matica XID8600. This printer is will meet or exceeding all of your businesses ID card printing needs.


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