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Fargo Card Printers

Fargo Card printers set the standard in ease of use, reliability, and performance. Developed by HID Global, the Fargo brand is synonymous with security.

A complete range of Fargo Card Printers are available from Identity People Australia. As a Fargo Re-seller Distributor we offer a variety of plastic card printer options and solutions, our expert advice can help you decide on the perfect card printer for your business. Our card printing solutions are ideal for many different business requirements, including membership, secure anti-counterfeit ID cards, standard photo cards and student identification, to name a few.

Fargo ID card printers range from the very basic entry level C50, through to highly specialized and secure HDP series for security conscious enterprise and government organizations. Being the global leader in access control and technology cards, HID have a distinct advantage when incorporating their specialist smart card readers into their Fargo card printers. Identity People are specialist providers of the HID card printers and pride ourselves on providing high quality customer focused advice.

DTC1250e Entry level Fargo card printer

DTC1250e - Entry level Fargo card printer

The DTC1250e is one of best performing Fargo Card Printers. Offering exceptional value for money, this little printer is ideal for most office environments.

Boasting a small footprint, easy load ribbon cartridges and fast printing speeds the Fargo DTC1250e is perfect for printing staff ID and membership cards. Backed by a 3-year warranty and many factory and field installable options, this entry level Fargo card printer represents real value for money.

Fargo DTC1250e Printer
DTC1500 ID card printer

DTC1500 - ID card printer with out of the box Security

The Fargo DTC1500 ID card printer is a powerful mid-level direct to card printer for secure, low cost, photo ID card production. With out of the box security features pioneered by HID Global, the DTC range of Fargo card printers are leaders in the desktop card printing industry.

Featuring High Yield Printer Ribbons, a low cost per print and a compact footprint, the DTC1500 is the perfect choice for businesses wanting cost effective printing solutions, with performance and reliability. The DTC1500 allows for a wide range of options and modules to be added on, ensuring it meets all customers demands.

Fargo DTC1500 Printer
DTC4250e Mid Level Fargo

DTC4250e - Mid Level Fargo ID Card Printer

Built with performance in mind,DTC4250e Plastic Card Printers provide exceptional user friendliness, reliability and printing speed. Customers can add an array of encoding options allowing this printer to produce ID and Membership cards for many different industry applications.

If your business prints a high number of cards and you want the perfect mix of performance, reliability and price, the DTC4250e Fargo card printer is the right choice.,

Fargo DTC4250e Printer
DTC4500e Professional Level card

DTC4500e - Professional Level Card Printers

The workhorse of the FARGO® Direct-to-Card printer range. The DTC4500e is extremely flexible with its diverse range of upgrade and add on options. Add highly secure lamination and hologram options, an array of mag and RFID encoders and readers or duplex printing modules.

Utilising high yield printer ribbons, the DTC4500e Fargo card printers are chosen by many large organisations who take their custom ID card printing seriously. Governments, Universities and Hospitals use this printer to reliably issue fast, secure ID cards.

Fargo DTC4500e Printer
DTC4250e Mid Level Fargo ID Card Printer

HDP5000 - Entry Level ReTransfer Fargo Card Printers

Selecting the HDP5000 Fargo card printers for your desktop card printing requirement will provide you with peace of mind. Manufactured by one of the industries leading brands, the print quality means your custom ID cards are going to look fantastic.

The HDP5000 ID card printer offers vibrant colours, edgeless printing and crisp text. HDP card printers are ideal for printing onto access control, RFID and standard blank plastic PVC cards.

Fargo DTC4500e Printer
HDP6600 Extremely Fast 1

HDP6600 - Extremely Fast, Highly Professional Industry Leading Retransfer Card Printer

The HDP6600 Fargo Card Printer is the fastest retransfer printer on the market. Making use of patented iON technology, the heat up, and heat management process far surpasses any of its competitors. With all the class leading options, and modules you come to expect with Fargo card printers, the HDP6600 is the choice for organisations wanting the best looking ID cards, the best performance and superior reliability.

600DPI Printing, and lightning fast speeds. This is the top of the range printer from HID Fargo.

Fargo HDP6600 Printer

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