Zebra Card Printers

Customers looking for a great print quality, cost effective printing, and quick printing speeds will be happy with the Zebra card printer range.

Zebra Card Printers offer customers in Australia excellent printing speeds, cost effectiveness and performance. With strong roots in the card printer market having been extremely successful with the P310 and Zebra P330i model printers. Zebra’s new range builds on that performance pedigree.

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Zebra ZC100 - Entry Level, Slim Line Printer

Simplicity at its finest, the Zebra ZC100 card printer provides businesses with quick, reliable ID badge printing without fuss. The slimline, front loading design ensure this printer will fit anywhere and still be easy to use for operators. 

If you’re looking for a no frills card printer, with out sacrificing quality and reliability, look no further than the ZC100.

Zebra Card Printers Australia ZC100 Image

ZC300 - A Printer with Exceptional Design, Performance & Print Options

Powerful and feature rich the Zebra card printer provides an intuitive user interface and a small, compact, slimline footprint to fit on all desk spaces.  Offering a range of add on options the Zebra ZC300 is available in single and double sided printing configurations.

The unique Metallic, Pearlescent and Hologram Ribbon features available on the ZC300 series printers gives customers the opportunity to make their ID cards truly unique. 

Zebra Card Printers - ZXP300 ID card printer

Zebra ZXP3 - Entry Level Card Printers

The Entry level ZXP3 combines a small footprint, drop in ribbon cartridges, and an economical cost per print. Great for organisations with small to medium print volumes. A simple push of a button opens the top of the printer, ready for quick insertion of the drop in ribbon cartridge. 

Note: The Zebra ZXP3 Card Printer has reached its End of Life. See the ZC100 /ZC300 for alternate options.

Zebra ZXP3 Card Printers Australia

ZXP7 - Zebra Card Printers Offering Fast, High Volume Throughput Without Sacrificing Quality

The workhorse of the Zebra card printer range, the ZXP Series 7 is designed for high volume printing environments. Featuring high yield ribbon options, easy ribbon loading, matched with a large card input hopper. The clear LCD display tells operators what is going on at all times. 

The ZXP7 is the replacement to the ever popular P330i and P430i printers. 

Zebra ZXP7 Plastic Card Printer Australia

ZXP9 - High Quality Retransfer Card Printing with Excellent Printing Speeds

Improving on the platform Zebra started with their ZXP8 range of retransfer printers. The ZXP9 gives customers a truly edgeless print, with outstanding print quality. Featuring a user selectable print quality mode, you can optimise this zebra card printer for speed or sharpen the quality of print even further.

Zebra plastic Card Printers Series 9 ZXP

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Zebra Card Printers - Case Studies

Butler University

The Butler University campus uses the student ID card as an all-access pass into the library, athletic center, and usually your next meal.

When incoming students register, they receive the laminated photo cards and carry them with them at all times. The student ID cards act like debit cards for purchases at campus dining spots, some select off-campus restaurants and the campus bookstore. Issuance of the ID card was a challenge during high volume intakes at the beginning of the school year.

Zebra ZXP7 Card Printers with Lamination option was chosen to speed up the process of printing and laminating these ID cards. This combination sped up the card issuance process by 45 seconds per card. A huge impact on productivity in their peak periods.

International Dragon Boat Federation

Central to a sport spanning over 6,000 years, the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) promotes dragon boat racing across the world, in over 70 countries. 

The ZXP Series 3 Zebra card printers were chosen to personalise race ID cards and streamline competitor accreditation.

Choosing the Zebra printer solution IDBF was able to keep costs down. 

THe portable nature of the ZXP3 made movement between events and setting/packing down a breeze.