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Datacard Card Printers

Datacard card printers provide innovative features and technologies, keeping their range at the forefront of the ID card printing industry.

Entrust Datacard are a specialist manufacturer of Desktop and high volume card printer systems. Datacard ID card printers come in a variety of models each with their unique advantages and features. Including a new push for Eco Friendliness. The Go Green push from Entrust Datacard has seen them use recyled plastics in their printers. They have also used recycled packaging materials and added an eco additive to their earth friendly biodegradable printer ribbon cores.

Being found in universities, government organisations and large enterprisies around the world, Datacard card printer customers are confident in the performance of their printers.

Identity People Australia supply and support customers with their printers and genuine Datacard YMCKT printer ribbons. Most card printer manufacturers refer to their colour ribbons as YMCKO. Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, black and Overly. Entrust Datacard ribbons are YMCKT. This simply means yellow, magenta, cyan, black and ‘Topcoat’.

Entry Level Datacard Printer

SD160 - Entry Level Datacard Printer

Datacard® SD160™ card printer delivers a fantastic mix of simplicity, Affordability and reliability. As an extension of the proven Datacard® SD Series, the SD160™ is ideal in environments looking for a reliable economical printer. For customers looking for a low cost, low fuss, low option card printer for entry level ID card issuance – Look no further.

Datacard SD160
Datacards Best Performing Card Printer

SD260 - Mid Level Performance, Entry Level Price. Datacards Best Performing Card Printer

The Datacard SD260 delivers value to your desktop. Customer can save time and improve efficiency with this best-in-class ID printer. Proven to be a performer and offer excellent value the DataCard SD260 printer Produces vibrant and crisp images with TrueMatch™ technology

Productivity is increased with speeds that are up to 33% faster than competitive printers in the same class

Featuring High Yield Printer Ribbons, a low cost per print and a compact footprint, the DTC1500 is the perfect choice for businesses wanting cost effective printing solutions, with performance and reliability. The DTC1500 allows for a wide range of options and modules to be added on, ensuring it meets all customers demands.

Datacard SD260
SD260 Datacard Printer

SD360 - The Dual Sided Version of the Ever Popular SD260 Datacard Printer

The Datacard SD360 card printer will allow you to increase productivity and save time by issuing secure, two-sided ID badges. This best-in-class card printer is perfect applications include small-medium sized businesses, schools, clubs and hospitals.

DataCard SD360 YMCKT ribbons are available readily from Identity people.

Some Key Features of the DataCard SD360 ID Printer are:

  • Automatic dual sided card printing
  • Delivering industry leading print speeds
  • Produce vibrant and crisp images with TrueMatch™ technology
  • Greatly reduce the possibility of jamming with TruePick™ card handling
High Quality Datacard Printer

CD800 - Fast, Efficient, High Quality Datacard Printer

The Datacard CD800 plastic card printer quickly prints photo ID membership, staff and student ID cards. You can print your badges in full vibrant color and ensure your cards stand out.

The CD800 Datacard printer is certified with a range of contactless encoding options, and works out of the box with a number of leading access control systems. What ever your card printing application – Identity People and Datacard have a solution for you.


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Go Green with Datacard SD Card Printers

If your conscious about your environmental footprint, and concerned about the impact of printing plastic ID cards as a result. Datacard and their SD range of printers will give you peace of mind. All SD series printers from Datacard come with a variety of Green environmental initiatives.

  • All Datacard SD Card Printers include Energy Star Qualifications.
  • Recyled plastics have been used on the skin of the printers
  • Datacard SD160 printers packaging materials are made from recycled materials
  • SD Printer Ribbons use an Earth Friendly Biodegradeable core. These cores are made with an eco additive that enables them to breakdown and biodegrade in landfill.