HID cards guide: Which are the main technologies?

HID cards guide: Which are the main technologies?

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HID cards are the perfect investment if you are looking to elevate the safety standards and overall organisation of your company. As with any new development within a professional environment, you’ll want to be sure that you are investing in something that you both understand, can use and can sustain for many years to come – that’s where Identity People’s HID cards guide comes in! Keep reading for everything you need to know about how your HID cards are going to help your company, and just what specifics help them achieve that higher safety standard now and far into the future…

How HID Cards Work…

HID cards work using radio frequency identification, or RFID for short. This comes in the form of a chip and communicates to a reader using an internal antenna. The chip is known as the access control identifier. A signal is sent to a card reader through radio frequencies (or waves) which is made possible when the cards enters the range of the reader’s electromagnetic field. A correlating card reader is then able to digest and read the information in the form of data, which will determine whether the card holder is permitted access to the area in which the reader is controlling. HID cards commonly operate on one of two radio bandwidths, 125kHz which is known as low-frequency and 13.56MHz which are high-frequency. High frequency HID cards are often preferred as they have more sophisticated encryption which improves privacy and tightens security levels. 

Why Use HID Cards for Access Control?

HID cards are flexible, convenient and incredibly reliable, making them perfect for improving your access control system. They can withhold multiple technologies which make them incredibly useful for many different purposes. Given this versatility, they can be used in many different environments which includes airports, schools, offices, warehouses, government buildings, healthcare providers and residential buildings.

The Benefits of HID cards…

There are many benefits of investing in of-the-moment and future proof technologies for your ID card security system. HID cards make the perfect long term investment as they bring benefits including…


Security: Of course, one of the most significant strengths of the HID technology is the heightened security standards it’s going to provide. Enjoy a safer, more comfortable workplace or professional environment with the help of simple, small yet incredibly effective HID cards. These can provide as many extra security details as you’d like in order to elevate the already refined and robust impact of your HID cards.


Flexibly: The variety of technologies and uses on offer when it comes to HID cards makes them a fantastically flexible choice for so many different functions and environments. A future proof investment is one which will be able to evolve alongside the times, and that is precisely what your HID cards and accompanying reader will do!

Longevity: Lastly, durability. Your HID cards will be high quality and long lasting, meaning they will stand the test of time even when used by holders, staff or personnel every single day.