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The Importance of ID Cards in Schools

Safety and reliability in an education setting is just non-negotiable. School IDs are essential for maintaining a secure system, however, they can also be used for all kinds of different functions! You’ll find that high school IDs come in handy at events, school libraries, canteens and doctors. With the use of smart card technologies as well as chip-embedded or encrypted cards, IDs have become one of the cornerstones of daily school operations for staff, teachers and students alike. Keep reading to discover the importance of ID cards in school…


Enhanced Security


One of the most obvious benefits of implementing an ID card system at your school is that the security of your current environment is going to be enhanced to no end! Whether you’re opting for simple smart cards, Mifare cards or a chip or encrypted card, you will see a huge surge in the overall safety standards of your day to day school operations. Safety is obviously one of the number one aspects that you need to be focusing on, it is vital that all children under the care of any educational institution are protected and accounted for at all hours of the day. Given that this is a key element of running an educational institution, your safety system needs to be up to scratch – in fact, it’s best that it is impressively secure.


Staying On Top of Personnel


In a basic sense, your ID cards enable everyone to see and monitor exactly who is present at the school. This goes for students, teachers and visitors as well as parents, maintenance men or guest speakers. The visual organisation that ID cards enable will be elevated through the use of custom lanyards. ID card accessories amplify the visual impact of your cards and allow you to see who’s who immediately. School environments are usually bustling, busy and hard to stay track of, which is what makes IDs so worth investing in.


Protected Information


Data breaches can impact education environments, smart ID cards can help to protect data through the information stored on the encrypted chip inside of your smart card. This data is only accessible when the card makes contact with the compatible reader, this is a huge benefit for the safety of the individuals within the school, and the school itself.


Access Control for Resources and Technology


There are many highly valuable resources that run throughout a school. This largely centres around technology, which includes printers and computers. These resources will require extra levels of safety in larger schools. Using smart technology, your institution IDs can double up as access enablers to more sensitive or higher security areas where this kit is stored. Your access control can also be used for staff only areas.


Visitor Monitoring


Tracking visitors is essential for every school environment. Again, the safety of children is the hands of the school and therefore any and all visitors must be accounted for at all times, regardless as their status. A visitor pass accompanied with a lanyards stamped with “Visitor” text across it will enable you to stay on top of who is passing through your institution doors.


Friendly, Comfortable Atmospheres

Lastly, your identity cards will foster a comfortable, friendly atmosphere throughout the school. In order for a learning environment to thrive, it must be welcoming, secure and easy to navigate, and your ID cards are a fantastic way of ensuring that this standard is reached, every single school day.