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What is the Best ID Card Software

When it comes to printing your own plastic identity, security or access cards in-house, you can easily use simple, ready loaded computer systems such as Word, Excel, Indesign or Photoshop. Although these can be useful for mocking up your initial design ideas, they won’t be the most time effective or functional programs to actually print your high-quality designs onto your cards. The best ID card software will be able to process photographs and information in real-time, making slow uploading a thing of the past. The integration, interface and system connectivity are what really makes investing in this software worthwhile. What is the best card making software? The two industry leaders for card development and printing are Asure and CardExchange:

AsureID 7 Card Design Software

AsureID is the best software for designing cards in a costly, simple way. This is absolutely the best card design software for an entry-level user or for a company that’s just beginning its in-house card printing journey. This system is stand-alone, meaning it is easy to run, non-invasive to a desktop and won’t cause your entire drive to slow down over time. Asure is incredibly simple and useful for creating even printed designs that will transfer perfectly onto your card of choice. There is also the genius option for system expansion, beginning with the Entry Level package when you’re starting out and upgrade as your design team’s skills and workforce size grow!

asureid 7 card design software

Some of the key benefits of AsureID 7 include:

Intuitive Interface: Designing and entering card information is incredibly easy and user experience focused, making it the best card software for a small or developing team.

Basic Printer Functions: With Asure, printing your ID cards is just the same as printing a normal document from your desktop!

High Organisation: Store your ID photos and data in any folder that you need and filter, sort or group this info to segment your records! This is the best ID card design software for a company that is printing access, ID and membership cards.

Frequent Updates: This software is constantly developing, and you will often be notified of it. This means you can stay on top of the various benefits and enhancements potentially available to you.

CardExchange ID Card Software

There’s a reason why CardExchange is considered the best ID card printing software worldwide. It’s one of the most powerful printing systems available, with a wide variety of options that cater to different needs, businesses and skill levels. The benefits of producing cards with CardExchange software include:

Entry Level to Highly Advanced Settings: This is particularly useful for larger businesses who are new to printing their own cards. You will be greeted with a thoroughly informative setup wizard, which will run you through step-by-step until you’re fully trained.

Accommodating to Multiple Sizes: This is the best ID card maker software if you need to print multiple sizes, either landscape or portrait. In larger corporations there usually isn’t a one size fits all for access, security or identity card needs, and this is your answer.

Smart Card Production: This software is so varied that it enables you to actually encode your MIFARE cards and smart cards with a magnetic strip. For a business that is often making or replacing cards for a sophisticated security system, this will come in very handy.

Both Asure and CardExchange enable batch printing and reporting. Be sure to do your research by consulting a few of the best ID card software reviews, considering your own needs and what printer you may already have at your company. These two options are the best card creation software that is on offer, so pick according to your business size and needs, and you can’t go wrong. You can find all of your security products and solutions over at Identity People!